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The Last 3 Minutes - Ending the Day on a High Note

The Last 3 Minutes - Ending the Day on a High Note


The last 3 minutes...

Bedtime can be rough with your little one. Whether they are learning to self soothe, transitioning to a toddler bed or just dealing with a common dislike for the dark, the struggle to get them asleep and keep them in their bed is a challenge we all face in varying degrees.

I like to remind myself that no matter how tough it is, no matter how many stories, songs or drinks of water you have to go through...the last 3 minutes before you leave the room (or they fall asleep) are some of the most important moments of the entire day.

I don't need to gather the numerous sources - nearly all child psychologists point out that the way we talk to our children is how they will think about and speak to themselves.

If you tell your daughter that she's brave, she'll believe that she is.

If you tell your son that he's creative, he'll believe that he is.

Your words matter. They impact your child's life and mindset.

Now back to those last 3 minutes...

Our days with young children are exhausting and busy and often a blur. If we can remember to make the most of those last 3 minutes of our child's day, we will create a pattern of positive affirmations that will serve our children for years to come.

The last 3 minutes can make a difference.

What kind of things should you say?

Whatever you want! What do you want your child to know, to believe with all their heart. πŸ’— There are no right answers here.

Here are some of mine.

  • I love the way you're creative/curious/brave.
  • It was so clever today when you...
  • You are so sweet to baby sister/the dog/grandma
  • Your hugs are so special to me.
  • You are so kind when you...
  • You are such a hard worker when you practice...

I always end with the phrase..."I am so proud to be your mom and I appreciate you just the way you are. I love you."

Start early. Start now. Whatever you say, however you do it... will be right. Your child will have a better sense of self because of those "lasting" three minutes with you.

Sweet dreams, Momma! You're doing a great job!

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