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1 Minute Mom-Aid: 4 Easy Water Safety Tips to Keep Everyone Smiling Around the Water

1 Minute Mom-Aid: 4 Easy Water Safety Tips to Keep Everyone Smiling Around the Water


It’s summertime which means it’s a great time to refresh on water safety with these 4 tips!

This is your 1 minute mom-aid tip

Babies and children love the water but it can cause a lot of anxiety to parents obviously. Kids can drown in less than 1 inch of water so this applies to pool time, splash pads, mini pools and even bath time.


#1 – Be clear about who is the watchdog adult.

You should always have an eye on your kids when they are in water and sadly even when a bunch of people are around, kids can still drown. Make sure the designated adult knows they are the watchdog and needs to get confirmation when handing off the duty to someone else.


#2 - When possible – teamwork is best.

Whether it’s bath time or pool time, it’s great if more than one adult can help share the duties like getting a change of clothes during bathtime or refilling your waterglass by the pool. This keeps you from having to step away. If you are flying solo, don’t be afraid to get everyone out of the water for the few minutes you’re gone.


#3 – Limit distractions.

When you are the watchdog adult, put your phone on airplane mode so you won’t be tempted to get distracted with texting, games or calls. Avoid using earplugs and sit close enough that you have full view of the water.


#4 – Talk about water rules with your kids early and often

Repetition helps drive home a concept for kids. At bath time or pool time, make sure you are consistent at telling kids to wait for a grown up before getting in the water. Point out why we don’t run or play near water. The idea is not to make your kids scared of the water, it’s about teaching them safety.

Do you have any other water safety tips? Share them in the comments.

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