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What is Ever After Baby about?

Ever After baby exists to bring ease, luxury and a touch of fairy tale magic to babies and their parents. We strive to be a lifestyle brand with a core philosophy that baby gear should make parenting more fun, be beautifully unique and engage the imaginations of our little ones as they grow in their first year. Our items are original and designed right here in Northern California. We are a small family-owned company with many of our items being handmade but with a total commitment to quality materials that stand up to the demands of babyhood.


Who are you?

I’m Ashlei. I’m a wife and mom to my very own little prince and princess. By trade, I’m a graphic artist and website designer but a few years ago when I had my son, I began working on designs for several baby items with my mom. It all started with our Dribble Shield burp cloths and Dragon Squire plush toy. I didn’t like the burp cloth options available and I wanted to lighten the load of my diaper bag. These patent pending items are designed to make a variety of messes from birth and beyond more manageable, especially when leaving the house. Both products are professionally manufactured and have been fully safety tested.


What more can a burp cloth really do?

The burp cloth is sort of the un-sung hero in baby gear especially during those first few months. But I wanted something better. I wanted a burp cloth that effectively kept the spit-up off my husband and I, was comfortable for baby’s sensitive skin, helped me out during breastfeeding or pumping sessions and didn’t weigh down my already loaded diaper bag. And thus the Dribble Shield was born. We call it a burp cloth but it’s so much more. Our patent pending loop and snap design allow you to hang the cloth where you need it, whether it’s on the included hook, on your stroller or with a pacifier. The snap allows you to change the size of the cloth or snap it to your diaper bag or stroller. Use it at home or on the go. Protect your clothes, wipe a chin, protect an outfit or discreetly feed – this cloth does it all, goes anywhere and grows with your child.


 Is that a dragon or a dinosaur?

I’d love to introduce you to Bliss and Blaze – our dragon squire plush toys. These guys are essential for on-the-go travel. Not only are they soft, bright and engaging for tiny hands with their mix of big and small features - their wings easily snap around a variety of baby gear you already use (think car seat, stroller and your diaper bag. Plus, every dragon squire comes with a flame dribble shield burp cloth because the small elastic loop on our Dribble Shield fits securely on the Dragon's nose. This keeps the burp cloth on hand and off the ground and available for baby snuggles.


What is a Perfectly Magical Baby Box?

I’ve been to plenty of baby showers and I love giving and receiving unique gifts. There is nothing like getting a box full of beautiful pieces that work together and coordinate. Our perfectly magical baby boxes are just that. Boxes ready to gift to a new mom or to yourself filled with items that bring joy to parenting a new baby. Every item blends function and whimsical design with handcrafted details and modern luxury. You can choose from our boxes featuring pre-selected bundles or choose 4 or more items to create your own custom box. Plus - all U.S. orders ship for free.