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Our "Buy More Than One" Baby Gear List

It is daunting trying to figure out what items you'll need for baby. You can scour through blog posts, watch video reviews and still feel pangs of doubt when it comes to standing in line at the cash register or clicking the checkout button. We'd love to say there is a definitive magic list somewhere but the truth is - every baby (& parent) is different. I've asked my husband about this topic and even though we went through the newborn phase side by side - we have differing opinions about what we'd do differently/the same. There were a few things we could agree on - so much so - that we came up with this list of super essentials. Items so essential, we'd suggest more than one!
I should mention first - I don't like doing laundry. When my son was a newborn, I did laundry about every 4-7 days. As he has grown into a toddler, I do laundry once a week. If you like to do laundry, you might be able to get away with less than our suggested numbers below.


  • Swaddle Blankets - Whether you like the muslin basic or the easy velcro option doesn't matter. Get more than one! We had 4 of the large muslin blankets and used them constantly. My husband voted for more (he was the swaddle king!) but 4 blankets can get you through 3 days before you have to do laundry.
  • Burp Cloths - Babies burp and spit up throughout the day, in any and every location. We had 9 Dribble Shield burp cloths hanging around the house - in essential places like near the crib, changing table, kitchen plus one in the diaper bag at all times etc. 
  • Changing Pad/Mat - This will depend on the size of your home and where you plan on spending your time. We had one cushioned pad in the nursery on the dresser next to the crib (for middle of the night changes) and one in the main area of the house for easy changes during the day.
  • Pajamas - During the early months - especially on days where sleep was fleeting - our baby lived in pajamas all day. Not only are they super comfortable for baby (nothing around the waist especially while your waiting for the belly button to heal), we didn't to worry about lost socks or complex clothing changes. A set of pajamas as a backup in the diaper bag is also perfect for those inevitable messes that happen when you're on-the-go.


  • Bibs - Depending on how often you want to do laundry, bibs whether for teething drool or baby food feedings are ESSENTIAL! They. Get. Messy. I don't want to say that you should go overboard and get dozens but if you did, you won't regret it. When it comes to what kind of bib - your baby might have an opinion. My son hated the stiff, plastic backed bibs and tried to pull them off during meal times. I'd recommend soft bibs while baby is little.
  • Spoons - You won't want to look for them. Keep them where they are easy to grab (plus one in the diaper bag).
  • Diaper Cream - We didn't have diaper rash during the newborn phase (we felt like we were changing the diapers so often, it never had time to form) but as they get older and stay in the diapers for extended periods, it happens. Having a tube of diaper cream at every changing station in the house and in the diaper bag made life easier.
  • Crib Sheets - Picture it: It's the middle of the night. Baby is crying. Diaper and outfit are soaked. The sheet is soaked. 3 AM is not the time to do laundry. Get more than one crib sheet and make sure everyone knows where they are kept.


  • Shoes - In this case, we suggest just 2 pairs of shoes. This is purely for convenience because it will be inevitable that your child will take off his shoes (or just one) and it will be impossible to find as you are rushing to leave the house. You will thank your stars that you have a 2nd pair of shoes available. However, don't go overboard on shoes because you'll be shocked at how quickly their feet grow. We have 2 pairs of shoes plus a pair of sandals and boots for this stage.
  • Favorite Toy - My son adores a Disney Pluto stuffed toy we got on his first trip to Disneyland last year. Pluto goes most places including trips to the mall and to bed. Pluto gets dirty but washing and drying in between nap and sleeping is tricky. And sometimes, Pluto goes missing. Not cool Pluto! So I ordered a 2nd plush toy on eBay. It's been wonderful! I change them out often so both get played with and wear equally and it's been all happy days and unicorns since. Once you know what your child's favorite toy is - get a 2nd one.
  • Backup Outfit - Obviously, you'll have more than one set of clothes for your child but in this case, we're specifically talking about an outfit that goes in the diaper bag when on-the-go. Messes happen - anytime and anywhere (ask us about our "naked baby" experience on the plane to Hawaii sometime) so when it happens - you'll be happy to have that backup outfit.
Was there an essential item that you needed multiples of to survive babyhood? Let us (and other parents) know in the comments!

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