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5 Ways to Use our Dribble Shield™ Burp Cloths during Cold & Flu Season

5 Ways to Use our Dribble Shield™ Burp Cloths during Cold & Flu Season


We've been in the trenches lately. So many colds. So little sleep. So. Much. Mucus.

Too gross? Yeah, I would have to agree.

Even before I was pregnant, I dreaded cold and flu season for people with kiddos. I would see the zombie-esque parents trying to get mall shopping done with a crying toddler who's nose was red and raw. The nose was always runny and watching them wipe it on their sleeve made me want to bathe in hand-sanitizer. 

Fast forward to our 2nd fall and winter season with my toddler son and a head cold hit with full force. He was miserable and so were we...but his runny nose was under control!

Why? How? What magic fairy dust were we using?

Our Dribble Shield™ burp cloths came to the rescue! You might have thought that burp cloths would exit stage left when your little one hit their first birthday but now that I am knee deep in my 5th winter with littles - my Dribble Shield™ burp cloths are going no where anytime soon!


5 Ways I Use a Dribble Shield to Survive Cold Season

#1 - More Gentle on their Nose than any Tissue

The Baby/Toddler/Preschooler has a runny nose. If I used a fresh tissue every time I needed to wipe their nose - it would be dried out and raw and I'd be shelling out major bucks for each box of Kleenex. The soft cotton muslin of a Dribble Shield™ is absorbent without drying out their tender skin. My kids don't like having their nose wiped but the Dribble Shield™ doesn't make them cry like a rough tissue or rag would. And I don't have to feel bad about killing trees every time my baby gets a cold.

#2 - Teaches Little Ones to Wipe their Nose

My kids know what I mean now when I say, "Wipe your nose!" And because we always use a Dribble Shield™ for sniffles - they know what to grab to wipe their face. My baby girl is not even 18 months yet but she knows exactly what to do when I ask her to, "wipe her nose" (she was happy to demonstrate for the photos). Bonus is that she is also learning to blow her nose and she never uses her sleeve to wipe her face.

#3 - Assign Colors to Different Kiddos

Obviously, I have quite a few Dribble Shield™ burp cloths on hand in my house. When one of my kids gets a cold - it's almost inevitable that the other is quick to follow suit. So to try to keep germs at bay as much as possible - each kid gets their own color Dribble Shield™ burp cloth. Our morning routine includes distributing a fresh cloth for each kid and pointing out the color so they know which one is theirs for the day. It also helps us as parents because we know which cloth is used for which kid.

#4 - Bib Style Aids with Coughs and Sneezes

Even on sick days, kids still like to play. For these times, I snap a Dribble Shield™ burp cloth around his/her neck (travel bib style). Wiping their nose and coughing on something other than their hands and clothes is easy because it's just below their chin. It's also great for sneezes because it's never far away. (Just as a safety note, our kids do NOT sleep with their Dribble Shields™ snapped around their necks)

#5 - Quick Washing & Fast Drying

The Dribble Shields™ aren't made of magic germ-repelling fabric so yes, they will need to be washed...and probably more often when colds are rampant in your home. The great thing is that they can be quickly washed and dried. There have been more than a few times where I've pulled them from the washer at night before going to bed and just let them hang dry. Sure enough - the burp cloth is dry and ready to use first thing in the morning without needing to run the dryer every night.


So there are my mom hacks for sick days. What are some essentials you use to survive the cold and flu season with babies, toddlers and beyond? 

Good luck this winter...and grab a Dribble Shield!

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