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3 Ways to Combat (Mom) Foot Pain Before and After Pregnancy

3 Ways to Combat (Mom) Foot Pain Before and After Pregnancy


"I'm....dreaming...of a foot....massage!" *singing to the tune of White Christmas.

It's a little late for Christmas music but if you're feeling me on the subject matter - it's time to talk about feet!

When you're pregnant, everyone tells you to walk. And then when your ankles swell to unsightly proportions, everyone tells you to lie down. With my first pregnancy, I got lucky. No swelling at all.

With baby #2 - who was due the beginning of August, I got to experience the ankle disappearing act that so many had whispered (loudly) about.

BUT there was also foot pain.

I was not prepared at all. I was a cheerleader in high school and a dance major in college. I spent hours a day in dance class and never - ever - had pain like this in my feet. This was sharp pain - especially in the morning when getting out of bed - and...it got worse after baby was born. What?!?

Between working with my doctor and my chiropractor, my foot pain is at a minimum now. Thankfully, both told me that foot pain isn't something you just "have" to deal with during pregnancy and postpartum. There are ways to prevent and treat it.

I'm sharing the 3 things they had me do - to get my feet feeling great!

#1 - Put Your Feet Up 

sounds simple enough but until you try to do this every couple of hours, you'll realize how often you keep both feet on the ground. When you're pregnant, you have a lot of excess fluid in your body and that can cause swelling. Your feet are the farthest from your heart (which is pumping the fluid) so swelling happens easily and often. Putting your feet up so that gravity can help mobilize the fluid is going to give you relief.


#2 - Stretching

The arch of your foot is held up and together by ligaments. The extra weight from being pregnant can stress and fatigue them causing arch pain especially when getting out of bed first thing in the morning. Stretching your legs is great but don't forget your feet and toes. Try rolling a tennis ball around the ball and arch of your foot for an extra massage too!


#3 - Compression vs Space

Wearing the recommended compression stockings was not ideal in July for me but taking a bath in the evening or swimming was. Both offer compression to alleviate foot pain. It was also pointed out to make sure that I was wearing the correct shoe size. It is not uncommon for pregnant women's feet to "grow" because the same hormone that loosens the the ligaments of the pelvis also has an affect on the ones in the feet. Tight shoes = foot pain and other problems like in-grown toenails. Wearing supportive shoes that were roomie was helpful.

    And as a bonus suggestion - have your hubby rub your feet! This was - by far - my favorite treatment option. 


    Have a magical day!


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