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3 Items to ⚡

3 Items to ⚡"Power-Up"⚡ your Diaper Bag


Packing a diaper bag is one of the key skills you quickly master as a new mom (right between snapping up pajamas in the dark and pulling off a onesie after a blowout). A diaper bag should have all of the essentials for on-the-go adventures. A SUPER diaper bag has these 3 secret weapons that make it easier, cleaner and more fun when leaving the house with baby. (Plus scroll to the bottom for a promo code)


Please note: we are not affiliated with any of the companies of the items we show as examples. These images and trademarks are retained by their respective companies and are only used for references.


"When we leave the house - we call it an "adventure." In every sense of the word - as parents - we are in "survival" mode; there will be challenges, bruises and a fight to keep the tiny humans alive, clean and fed. But adventures can also mean lots of fun because you are experiencing something new." - Ashlei


Power Up #1 - The Interest Catcher (not just your ordinary toy)


Over-stimulation, boredom, tiredness all occur on adventures so its imperative to bring something for baby to focus on. Focus is key for keeping a meltdown at bay because it helps baby ignore other stimuli that might be overwhelming them.  This interest catcher toy should be:

  • Special - he/she will only see it on car trips. This keeps the toy interesting and different from other toys.
  • Bold - leave the neutrals at home. This toy should be colorful and fun for baby to engage with. Buttons are a HUGE plus as they enter the infant/toddler phases.
  • Noisy - I hate to say "the noisier the better" so I'll put it this way - the toy should be loud enough that baby can hear it over the radio or buzz of the mall when sitting in their carseat or stroller.
  • One Piece - this is not the time for removable parts. If it can come apart - pieces get lost.

Power Up #2 - The Taste Bud Activator (irresistible edible)

Remember how I said that focus is key for keeping a meltdown at bay? An edible treat is awesome at this! Think about your most stressful day and the relief you experience when you decide to have a favorite comfort food for dinner instead of cooking. Food makes us happy and it will make little ones as well. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gripe Water - Before baby has started solids, this is an all natural, herbal supplement that can help with gas and fussiness. Just a few drops can help distract baby before they get worked up.  We also love the Wubbanub pacifier because it stays in place and offers comfort and color for baby to focus on.
  • On-the-Go Friendly Baby Food - Once you have started solids - there are a variety of baby food options but we like Happy Baby organic pouches for on-the-go. No spoon required! If you make your own baby food - we like the Kiinde Foodii option to make your own travel-friendly food pouches.
  • Fruit & Veggie Melts - once your baby is doing well with light chewing - we LOVE taking melts on our adventures. My 4 year old still loves them! They don't make a mess and dissolve quickly in the mouth so it's less of a choking hazard!  Perfect as a treat!

Power Up #3 - The Dribble Shield (for mom)

While the first 2 power ups were for keeping baby happy - this last one is for mom! We created the Dribble Shield cloths specifically to handle on-the-go adventures. I wanted a burp cloth that effectively kept the spit-up off me, was comfortable for baby’s sensitive skin, helped me out during breastfeeding or pumping sessions and didn’t weigh down my already loaded diaper bag. And thus the Dribble Shield was born. We call it a burp cloth but it does so much more, goes anywhere and grows with your child.
  Why we love it:

  • The Perfect Size - The Dribble Shield is 3 sizes in every cloth. This means that you can go from a travel nursing cover to burp cloth to bib in less than 2 seconds.
  • Snap It & Go - Messes happen and because the Dribble Shield can easily snap onto a stroller or diaper bag - it's on hand when you need it.
  • Loop On - The elastic loop at the corner lets you connect it to a pacifier or stroller belly bar or hook or even our travel toy, the Dragon Squire. Easy to use and more playing ground patrol.
  • Soft & Fast Drying - The muslin cotton gets softer with every wash, is super absorbent and fast drying. The last thing you need is a wet burp cloth in your bag.


dribble shield uses

FYI - I am not a medical professional or nutritionist so please always check with your doctor is you have questions about your baby's nutrition and follow all guidelines on baby gear & toys.


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Alright momma - go out there and have a magical day. 


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