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10 Creative Baby Costumes to Rule Halloween [Our Picks]

10 Creative Baby Costumes to Rule Halloween [Our Picks]


I absolutely adore baby costumes! They can be precious or funny, whimsical or a tad dark - and baby can pull them off! I also love to sew...so my kiddos have had to endure my (sometimes elaborate) handmade costumes. I love getting creative and trying something I don't imagine many people have seen (cue my son asking to be a snail last year). Whether you decide to go anywhere with your little one on Halloween or not - these costumes are sure to make for some lasting photo moments.

Please note - I am not affiliated in any way with any of the makers of the costumes below. I've tried to link to original sites when available.

1.  Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz [No Sewing Required]


A gingham onesie and some adorable red shoes sell this one. Take it to the next level by gluing sequins or glitter to the shoes. Perfect for: Photos and visits

2. Burrito [No Sewing Required]

This can be easily made with a velcro swaddle sack, some felt and tin foil. Look for a swaddle sack in a cream or tan color and add a little bit of your own highlighter powder makeup or fabric paint to get the usual "brown" spots of a tortilla. Perfect for: Photos and trick-or-treating in a pram 

3. Super Mario or Luigi or Princess Toadstool [Front Pack Friendly]

This is a great way to make use of the front pack. If you have older children who want to go trick-or-treating, this is an awesome (and easy) costume for your littlest sweetie. Perfect for: trick-or-treating

4. Butterfly [Could Convert to Front Pack]

I love how photo-amazing this costume is! Find the most beautiful pair of costume wings (hang on to them because your little girl is going to love them as she gets older too!) plus a black swaddle cloth or piece of knit fabric and make a headband. I also think you could work this with a front pack - especially if baby is small and facing in. Perfect for photos (and possibly trick-or-treating with modification)

5. Jurassic (Baby) Dinosaur [Stroller Costume]

This one takes a fairly standard costume to the next level. I also like that this could works for a newborn to infant or even toddler - especially if you have a wagon to use for trick-or-treating. First, buy or make a dinosaur costume - check! Now outfit the stroller to look like a dinosaur enclosure with a bit of cardboard, tape and greenery. Mom and Dad can dress up too. Epic first halloween and totally perfect for mobile fun! Perfect for: trick-or-treating

6. Mouse Trap [Wagon Costume]

This is one of my favorites that went around Pinterest a few years ago - but I love it so much I had to include it. This one is made with a wagon and a bit of creative know-how. The wooden board is cut and painted and the metal spring piece is spray painted PVC pipe. A little bit of craftsmanship but an awesome costume! Perfect for: trick-or-treating

7. Harry Potter [Fan Club Worthy]

I totally admit to being a fan of the world famous wizard. This is such a great costume that is totally photo-worthy and also classic Halloween style. And these are not difficult pieces to find! Perfect for: photos

8. Gumball Princess [Because Tutus rock!]

I couldn't wait to put my baby girl in a tutu! This is a beautiful and colorful costume that looks great in photos but add a long sleeve onesie and some tights and it could be worn trick-or-treating. Be careful hot gluing those pom poms though! Perfect for: photos or trick-or-treating

9. Classic Pumpkin [Because why not!]

Full disclosure - this is my own kiddo/costume. I wanted a chubby pumpkin costume and totally got it with some fleece and felt (plus a mouse cat toy). This is the perfect costume for cold weather...unfortunately, we had record high temperatures and my boy was pretty much done after 10 minutes. But we got amazing photos and I loved every minute making it. Perfect for: photos. 

10. Rose [Sew-tastic]

And of course, I can't forget last year's costume of baby girl as a rose. I loved making the tutu and the felt body portion was super fun giving the costume volume without being uncomfortable for baby. I think adding little details to costumes can really elevate it beyond what you see in-stores so I made a bee out of pom poms for her head piece. This was a cozy costume but not too warm since I could use a long or short-sleeve depending on weather. Perfect for: photos


Final Tips

1. Plan for (a little) growth spurt

If you are making baby's costume - leave yourself a little wiggle room on size. Both of my kiddo's costumes started out big and were just about perfect by the 31st. Babies grow faster than you think!

2. Don't put all of your photos in one basket!

Babies are notorious for having good days and bad days. Dress them up several times to snap photos. if you wait until October 31st, you may end up with a moody and uncooperative little one.

3. Layers are your Friend

Will it be windy and rainy on Halloween - or will it not? Have some options (like long or short sleeves - shorts or pants) to use with little one's costume. This way you aren't stuck with an un-happy baby who is too warm because you make everything out of fleece.

4. Easy on. Easy Off.

No joke - you will have to change your little one's diaper when they are in costume. It. Will. Happen. Whether it's just for photos or for full on trick or treating - just wearing the costume will trigger baby to let go. Be prepared my friend and you'll be fine. 


Happy Halloween Momma!

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