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Our Top Gift Picks for Baby's First Christmas

Posted by Ashlei Jackson on

Our Top Gift Picks for Baby's First Christmas

You only get one 1st Christmas with your baby. You probably received plenty of the essentials at your baby shower but now it's time to give baby a gift. Keepsakes are great but if you want useful items that baby will love and make life easier or if you need to give the grandparents some ideas - these are our top picks for age appropriate gifts that will dazzle this holiday:

0-3 months: Yoee Baby Toy - The first baby toy designed for playing together with a newborn. Our little princess loved this innovative toy. It's very well made and easy to clean. There are quite a few animals with different kinds of fuzzy "tails" too!

3-6 months: Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat - we loved how much support this offered baby. It has a nice wide base which eased any concerns about it tipping over. It's also great for interacting with older siblings too! 

6-9 months: EZPZ Happy or Mini Mats - as baby begins to eat solids, this is a lifesaver for keeping messes at bay. We keep the mini mat in the diaper bag for on-the-go meal times. There are several colors to choose from and other items like spoons that are great.

9-12 months: Nesting Blocks - The fact that these all fit inside one block for easy storage makes them very appealing but actually, they were a favorite of both my kiddos (my son is 4 and still loves them). There are quite a few different designs out there from alphabet to numbers. For whatever reason - kids just love to watch block "towers" fall over. Its also a great way for you to "play" with your baby/toddler.

12-18 months: LeapFrog AlphaPup - my daughter loves to drag this puppy around all over the house. He gets beat up but it's very well made and holds up great. The pup "talks" as you pull it along which my daughter finds hilarious. As your baby gets older it introduces them to the alphabet - there's a button for each letter. 

18-24 months: Little Tikes Cozy Truck - you've probably seen the yellow and red Cozy Coupe but we found this to be much for fun for the long term. The truck is a little bigger (great for taller kiddos) and it has a "tuck bed" with tailgate which is great for "hauling" toys and other stuff. My son still loves his and he's 4. There is a plastic "floor" panel that you can install so kids can ride until they are big enough to use their feet. The handle on the roof allows parents to push it.


We wish you a wonderful holiday season - happy gifting!


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