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3 Shortcuts to Make Your Own (MOM) Wish List

3 Shortcuts to Make Your Own (MOM) Wish List


Coming up with a Christmas wish list as an adult becomes increasingly difficult. Making a wish list as a mom feels almost impossible. 

The trouble is - as a mom - you are taking care of everything during the holidays. The Christmas spirit, the magic of the season....Moms are the ones who make it happen. So what mom has time to sit down and actually come up with a wish list? Better yet, who has the energy to come up with items that will make Christmas morning just as magical for mom as everyone else?

This year...YOU will! Because I've got a few quick shortcuts that will let you bust out a wish list that will not only make it easier for your loved ones to buy for you this year - but you will actually love opening these items because they are exactly what you want!


Whether you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) or you leave the house every day for the office - you have a daily routine that you know like the back of your hand. When coming up with gift ideas for yourself, think about your routine - are there things that could "uplevel" your daily life? Often these are items that feel like splurge. Something you might have thought about but wouldn't buy for yourself

For example:

If you love your morning coffee but inevitably you end up running late/it gets cold/never get to finish it, you could uplevel it by:

  • asking for a fancy coffee maker (think Keurig or Nespresso)
  • asking for a nice travel coffee mug that will keep coffee hot for days
  • asking for a beautiful clear glass mug like you see in magazines

If you live in comfort clothes on a daily basis and often feel like you're a mess or rarely have a reason to dress up, you could uplevel your wardrobe by:

  • asking for nice leggings (think Altheta or Fabletics)
  • asking for a brand name sweater or sweatshirt that feels divine
  • asking for diamond earrings - studs or huggies - that will make you feel glamorous yet not interfere with the daily grind.
  • asking for designer sunglasses. You'll feel like a movie star year round.

If your home is your oasis from the world but feels outdated or overrun with kids, you could uplevel your space by:

  • asking for candles (something hand-poured and yummy) to change the vibe of the room.
  • asking for bedsheets - think indulgent, high thread count, organic cotton or bamboo. Getting into bed every night will feel like a dream.
  • asking for a windchime or a plant pot/yard ornament so the view and sounds from your favorite window give you added peace.


Okay I know there are 5 senses but I've added an extra one because it's a fun type of gift to receive. While that first shortcut was about finding things that you will use everyday, this shortcut is about thinking of items you enjoy. Things that make you smile and enrich your life.

  1. Sight - what would you love to see in your space? A beautiful painting. A motivational quote on the wall. A trinket that reminds you of your favorite place or holds a favorite keepsake. Add it to the list. 
  2. Sound - if you listen to music, what would enhance this experience? Wireless earbuds. A portable speaker. A better system to hold your phone while you walk/jog.
  3. Taste - yummy treats are simple pleasures that can pack a big punch in your enjoyment factor of a gift. Love truffles? A specific tea blend? Have you always wanted an edible arrangement? Add that to the list! If you are a cook or baker - anything that helps you enjoy this activity more would qualify as well.
  4. Smell - I mentioned candles earlier but you can also think about bath salts, lotions/body butters, perfume, room sprays...anything that transports you to a sweeter state of mind.
  5. Touch - for this one, it's great to think about what comes in contact with your skin. The bedsheets I mentioned earlier would fit here but so would a luxe throw blanket, divine slippers, silk pajamas, scarves, hats and even makeup. This is a great option to go for indulgence.
  6. Mind - mental peace can be tough to find amid the daily routine but asking yourself if there are items that can elevate your state of mind are great for your wish list. Think books, journals, a fine writing pen, a massage, or affirmation calendar. A personalized item to commemorate an event or loved one fits here as well.


Shop 1 in 5

It can be easy and convenient to shop big box stores but with inventory shortages looming and an overabundance of generic, low quality products that feel like the "same old same old," it takes the joy out of gifting/shopping.

We are passionate about supporting small business and we are loving this new online directory at Shop1in5.com that let's you easily shop from small businesses all across the country.

How this helps you with your list:

  • Scroll through the beautiful shop photos in several categories to get ideas of what you'd like. There are so many unique and handmade options (like Etsy) but without the overwhelm of too many options.
  • Each listing links to an online shop so it's easy to share the specific items you are interested in.
  • One promo code unlocks discounts at over 200 shops - click here to get your code (feel free to share this with family and friends) - and guess what? Ever After Baby is on the list too! (get 20% off)

At the end of the day, I know that the holiday season is not about the "getting" but I do know that you deserve to feel loved, supported and seen Momma. You deserve meaningful and useful gifts that help you in your daily routine and your loved ones want to give that to you this year.

Make the list.

And smile big on Christmas morning (or any holiday for that matter!)

Happy Holidays Momma!

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